What People Say

  • June is a great practitioner of the true ancient classical medicine system of China and the Orient. Impressively skilled with the needles, highly knowledgeable and most importantly very wise. It is a clear that she has a deep understanding of both the theory and the practical applications of this incredible total healing system of East Medicine. June also has a most friendly and fun personality and a fantastic healing space for  appointments. She continues to be a great help. (Dermot who suffered from Lime disease with digestive & skin conditions)
  • I really appreciate it, I do mean it.  (From Y who suffered from Psoriasis for a long time)
  • I don't know how, but it just works  (Paul)
  • I have been seeing June for years but always learn something new (Sasha )
  • Incredibly wise and knowledgeable (Em)
  • I come to June when I have any health problems rather than GP (Patrick)
  • I am so glad you are in my life (Rosy)
  • My daughter 'G' chose to come to see you instead of going to see ice hockey game (Kathy).
  • I have not had any colds or flu since I saw you. Incredible! (Kim)